+Dr. Jay Bunting, OSA
Academic Advisor

Dean +Bunting, formerly Dean of Chesapeake Bible Institute and Chancellor, St. Alcuin House Seminary, continues his role as an academic advisor  to the students of SAHS. Dean +Bunting has a special interest and New Testament studies as well as the teachings of the apostle Paul and Christian morality.

+Dr. Omomaro Okekaro, OSA
Academic Advisor
The Right Rev. Omomaro (Omo) Okekaro is a scholar in Biblical Studies with particular interest in Johannine literature, and the humanities and has developed numerous programs and courses for students enrolled in our International Distance Learning Program. His in-depth studies in Catholic Doctrine and Apologetics and as a Missionary from Nigeria, provides added insight into the needs of our brothers and sisters in Africa and abroad.
+Dr. Peter Riola, OSA
Provost Emeritus
Founder of the St. Alcuin House Seminary and the Order of St. Alcuin (OSA). +Peter is the creative and intellectual force behind the unique and challanging course offerings within St. Alcuin House. Bishop Peter continues to serve as President Emeritus of the College of Christian Research and Applied Theology. As mentor, friend and learned colleague, many students have joined Bishop Peter in their research studies at Princeton, Oxford and Cambridge several times each year.
+Dr. John L. Simons, OSA
Chancellor - St. Alcuin House Seminary

A graduate of the Univerity of Florida, Bishop Simons also holds a Doctorate in Philosophy - Theology, from Saint Alcuin House Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Medicine form Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. As the former Archbishop of the Communion of Anglican Churches International and the current Abbot General of the Order of St. Alcuin, +John has developed, mentored and lead in the spiritual development of religious, clergy, priests and missionaries throughout the world. He has a particular interest in the writings of the Apostle Paul.