Welcome to St. Alcuin House Seminary

St. Alcuin House Seminary is committed to preparing men and women to personalize the Gospel and restore to our confused world the love of God and His son, Jesus the Christ.

We Welcome You to Join in Our College Prayer

God our Father, in whose reign lie the peace and fulfillment of creation, we beg You to accept and bless our labors, to give Saint Alcuin House Seminary prosperity and its members virtue, perseverance, love of learning, and joy.

We ask Your blessing upon all who strive to make our College a place to witness to Your love and the nobility of Your truth, upon the Fellows, Tutors, Preceptors, and student-scholars.

We remember before You our benefactors, especially the founders. May we faithfully commit ourselves in Your service; and may our gifts and labors bear fruit in a perpetual witness to Your glory and the splendor of Your truth.

These things we ask, beseeching the intercession of Saint Alcuin of York and all the saints, in the name of Jesus Christ, the King of Creation. Amen.