The Order of St. Alcuin (OSA)
The Modified Rule of Saint Benedict

The Order of Saint Alcuin presents an objective form of life, strong, unchanging from year to year, a life of work, study and liturgical prayer which can be seen and heard, lived in conditions which aim at representing all that is best in Christian family life, sisters and brothers living and serving God in the world, for all to see, with all the non-Christian elements removed.

The message of the Order of Saint Alcuin is simple and direct. Work, obey Holy Scripture, praise God in common, study, and pray to Him alone, “enter the Church and pray.”

It is for us ministering in the world to see to it that they are a living commentary on the Christian Bible, (Work-Christian ministry; Reading and study; The Work of God, intellectual, research and missionary activity), remembering that just as they hope to save their own souls by living the Christian life, so by their example they may, in some measure, have something of the same influence over those to whom they minister.

All student-scholars studying with Saint Alcuin House Seminary are able, though this association, are able to apply for membership to the Order of St. Alcuin (participating in Christian Life through Study, Service and Scripture). We welcome all who seek the truth revealed through Jesus Christ to join us in ministry.

New members, sisters and brothers: One year of candidacy, which includes service to others, daily prayer and formation.

Election of abbot, prior/prioress and regional representatives or regional abbots: every five years. Participate in annual Convocation. Next election: 2020.

Dress: During liturgy, scapular or other suitable dress as called for by the occasion. .

Sister organization: Saint Alcuin House Seminary student-scholars join at their home locations in Moring and Evening Prayer with the Order of Saint Alcuin.

Elected Leadership: Chapter/organization:

Emeritus: The Rt. Revd +Douglas Halverson, OSB, OSA Convocation Superior /Abbot/Prior (Retired)

Leadership: Abbot, Prior, regional “Chapter” abbots, abbesses, priors, prioresses, and Chaplain, in collaboration with our Visitor on pro,tocols.


The Rt. Revd Dr. +John L. Simons, OSA
Abbot, Florida