The Christian Scholars Program
Christian Scholars Program

The Christian Scholars Program is designed as a creative response to the need for Christians to use their God given gifts and professional training and to share wisdom and expertise. Equally important is the mutual support so crucial for sustained, productive work.

Participants in the program are called Christian Scholars. A scholar is someone who keeps on learning, for whom thinking and finding things out and imagining and communicating are fundamental to the meaning of life.

Saint Alcuin House Christian Scholars

Scholars have produced wonderful scholarly work including books, hymns, retreats, parish histories, and other work. Scholars are devoted to the three-fold ministry of study, service and scripture. We ask each member to join the Friends of the Bodleian Library
Christian Scholars are Women and men in broad agreement with Benedictine cultural and social commitments—awareness of God; community; prayer and work; listening; hospitality; and stewardship; —and for whom the interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and intercultural setting offers a welcome for their own scholarly work, which is done using library and internet resources. From time to time, scholars will meet together to build fellowship and use various university libraries.

Scholars cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines, such as—integrating Christian ethics and spirituality, grief and the sacramental rites of ritual, composition, music and poetry.

Research is published in the Saint Alcuin Annual Journal.

The Order of St. Alcuin and Saint Alcuin House Seminary affirm the wisdom and unique gifts of each person. This is a formal, institutional expression of trust and wisdom. Scholars motivate, support, and empower one another in creative endeavor. In this way they share in the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

For more information about the Scholars Program contact ++Peter Riola on our CONTACT page.